Kids’ Orthodontics in Las Vegas, NV

Bouncing, jumping, and often times flying through the air, there’s nothing quite like the unfiltered joy that’s shown in a child’s smile. At Hamilton & Manuele Orthodontics, we feel that taking early steps can help prepare your child for a lifetime of smiles and joy. By the age of 7, most children have developed their posterior teeth (also known as their ‘back bite’). When you bring your child into our office, we can evaluate your child’s tooth and jaw development, and, most importantly, we can identify potential problems. We believe that taking action and examining your child’s mouth early on is the key to future orthodontic success. Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Manuele will help determine if beginning treatment early is best for your child’s future dental development and jaw growth.

If that is not the case, we want to respect your time and ensure an efficient orthodontic process by making your child a member of Dr. Cree’s Kids Club. As a club member, your child will receive complimentary exams every 6 months to ensure that everything is going well with your child’s growth and development. Club membership also means that your child will be able to participate in all the fun events and contests that Hamilton & Manuele Orthodontics has to help motivate and inspire them. Possible early treatment plans may include:

– Early Prevention (retainers to prevent tooth wear & space maintainers to prevent space loss)
– Phase I
– Palatal Expander
– Limited Braces on Front Teeth

Our team at Hamilton & Manuele Orthodontics wants to ensure that your child receives the early care necessary to keep a healthy smile and prevent future problems. We are qualified and eager to treat your child as early as 5 years old. To schedule your appointment with our wonderful and caring orthodontists, we invite you to contact us today at 702-243-3300.

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