We installed your child’s braces into their mouth to create a functional system capable of correcting their misaligned teeth. The process relied on consistent adjustments which tensioned the components and gradually altered the orientation of their teeth.

Once their teeth achieve their ideal alignment our orthodontist can uninstall your son or daughter’s braces. However, this is not the final step in the process.

Even after the braces have been removed there will still be some residual tension in their periodontal ligaments. If it’s not addressed by the regular use of a retainer, it could cause their teeth to gradually relapse out of their ideal alignment.

A Hawley retainer is the most common option for preventing relapse to prevent relapse after uninstalling braces. It is essentially a custom shaped piece of orthodontic acrylic that fits into the upper portion of their mouth to help hold their teeth in place.

If your child had a pronounced malocclusion or a specific area needed significant realignment our orthodontist might recommend installing a fixed retainer. It is essentially a rigid metal band that Dr. Hamiltonor Dr. Manuele cements in place to firmly hold the teeth in their corrected position while the residual tension dissipates.

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