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Each month, we will feature a new World Changer at Hamilton & Manuele. Below you can view all of our past World Changers and read about their causes.

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Emily, a patient and World Changer of Hamilton and Manuele Orthodontics


Confidence to foster and rescue dogs

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Emily, a patient and World Changer of Hamilton and Manuele Orthodontics

Confidence to foster and rescue dogs


Christina, dancer and World Changer at Hamilton Manuele Orthodontics

“I want to share my passion for dance by supporting others to live their dream of dance.”


“I think that my making sure no one ever feels left out or alone, I can help many people live their best life.”


“I genuinely do have a passion for helping those in need.”


“I’m excited to start my own nonprofit so I can truly go out and help make a difference in our growing homeless community.”


“It think of myself as an open-minded person who listens to other people’s thoughts and ideas, which shows my ability to consider the views and opinions of others.”


“I want to make everyone feel important.”


“Service to others is an important part of scouting and has become a big part of my life, I know what I do matters.”


“I wrote Black Girls Can Change the World, because I want young black girls to know they can make their dreams happen by putting the work and effort into what they want to do.”


“I plan to continue Girl Scouts, to change and help the world even more.”


Noor is a World Changer who loves to create art, play the piano, and make people feel special.


Mehtab is a World Changers who wants to work with others to reduce pollution in our world and help others face their fears by being someone they can talk to.

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