Posted September 11, 2017

When you have braces, your routine dental cleaning is even more important than before. This is because more food particles can get caught in the small grooves around the wires of your braces, feeding bacteria and forming plaque. If these areas aren’t cleaned-both at home and in the dental office-your chance for tooth decay or gum disease increases greatly. That’s why you’ll want to book your routine dental checkup every six months.

When you come to see us at Hamilton & Manuele Orthodontics, you can expect Dr. R. Cree Hamilton and our team to welcome you with open arms. We’ll help you feel comfortable and well cared for. After guiding you to the dental chair, we will take X-rays of your mouth and will then start to clean your teeth.

Our cleaning will involve using special dental tools to deeply clean the front, back, and chewing surfaces of your pearly-whites. When working around your brackets, we’ll remove any plaque that has formed around your hardware. Once the surfaces of the teeth are clean, we’ll use a loop-shaped tool to thread floss through the spaces between the wires of your apparatus and the teeth. Then we will guide the floss through the teeth, scraping each side and cleaning into the gumline.

To schedule a cleaning appointment in Las Vegas, Nevada, you can call 702-243-3300. We’re eager to see you!