What Is Early Prevention Orthodontics?

“Early” “Preventative” or “Interceptive” orthodontic treatment refers to treatment performed while baby teeth are still present. If your child exhibits one of the following concerns, Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Manuele may suggest early orthodontic treatment:

• Crossbites – when the jaw shifts to one side.
• Extra or missing teeth
• Excessively spaced teeth
• Teeth that meet abnormally or don’t meet at all.
• Very crowded teeth
• Underbites – when the lower front teeth are ahead of the upper front teeth.
• Thumb-, finger-, or pacifier-sucking that is affecting the teeth or jaw growth.

Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Manuele may prescribe a fixed or removable appliance or type of retainer. In some cases, no appliances are necessary; instead, our doctors will recommend that your child’s dentist remove certain baby teeth to facilitate the eruption of permanent teeth. The timing of these extractions will be carefully assessed and planned by ourm doctors based on your child’s growth and development.

Actual patient treated by Hamilton & Manuele Orthodontics

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