Do you have questions about braces? If so, our orthodontists, Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Manuele, are here to give you the answers you’re looking for! The more you know about braces, the better. In fact, the more you know, the better chance you have of making sure braces are right for you and the better chance you have of properly cleaning and caring for your appliance. So, our orthodontist would be happy to help you find the answers you need by providing the answers to the following commonly asked questions about braces here:

Question No. 1: What types of braces are available?
Answer: There are many different types of braces you can use to align your teeth. However, the most commonly used appliances include metal braces and ceramic braces. Metal braces are silver in color and ceramic braces are shaded to match your tooth enamel to be less noticeable.

Question No. 2: How do braces align my teeth?
Answer: Typically, our orthodontist will tighten the wire that connects the brackets on the teeth. This applies pressure to the brackets, which then applies the pressure to the teeth. This pressure slowly shifts and moves the teeth to the desired positions. Your orthodontist will tighten the wire every four to six weeks.

Question No. 3: Are there limitations when I have braces?
Answer: Because your braces can easily break, it’s important to follow strict food instructions. It’s best to avoid hard and sticky foods. It’s also very important to keep your appliance in tip-top shape by keeping up with oral hygiene and visiting your dentist for cleanings regularly.

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Photo by Alexander Grey